Elf On The Shelf: Crises Scenario #23

Lobotomized Elf on the Shelf

You come home and discover your dog LOBOTOMIZE your Elf On The Shelf #CommissionEarned . You have a client meeting in 10 minutes, and pick up your child in 20 minutes who, by the way, is expecting to find him r-i-g-h-t where he was discovered 7 hours ago. There is zero time to go to the store to buy a new one. What do you do?!


Lobotomized Elf on the ShelfWhere the left side of his head is remains a mystery. My bet... it'll show up in about 2-3 days (yuck!). I gave myself 30 seconds to panic and run through the bad, plausible outcomes that will occur if I don't figure this out in 10 minutes! Then I remembered... I have a design studio (DUH!). I can fix this! I will make him faster...stronger...or at least good enough to get me through the next 18 hours.

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Lobotomized Elf on the ShelfI dug up some wood filler #CommissionEarnedshaped it up, tried to create a matching hairline. Then, I put him under the hair dryer #CommissionEarned . Under the cold setting of course   Lobotomized Elf on the Shelf

Lobotomized Elf on the ShelfNow the hair color. I dug up my trusty wood furniture repair kit #CommissionEarned ...it was a tough call between Walnut and Mahogany.  Four minutes left!!   Mahogany it is!

He's looking like an extra on "The Walking Dead"...but with a little touch up I think it'll pass.

Lobotomized Elf on the ShelfAlthough he now has an unexplained dimple on his left cheek, my confidence is growing. I place the partially eaten, dog slobbered hat back on his head...what do you think?

Lobotomized Elf on the ShelfAfter a few more touch ups, re-staging the scene of the crime, and sharing a few stern words with the dog... we made it with 1 minute to spare. BAM!!



  • 🤣🙌🏽 Suoer Mom!

    Sandra SS
  • This had me lol. I love it!


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