Custom Furniture Painting

My name is Kristin LeDuc, located in Urbana MD, and I’ve been painting furniture for years. As a matter of fact, I fell so deeply in love with the art form I decided to launch my very own line of furniture paint, Porch Nook PaintI am thrilled and eager to connect with you over a brief phone call to share introductions and dive into the details of your upcoming furniture painting project!

Porch Nook Before and After Painted Tall Boy Dresser

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I understand that painting furniture can be a messy and time-consuming endeavor. What sets my apart is my dedication to tailoring the process to suit your unique preferences and creative vision. I recognize that everyone has their own comfort zone and creative approach. That's precisely why I'm passionate about customizing each step of the journey, ensuring that you not only skip the tedious tasks but also actively participate in shaping the final outcome.

Porch Nook | Before & After, nightstands painted with "Charcoal" and accented with gold foil

Porch Nook | Custom Furniture Painting, chest with stencil

I'm looking forward to our upcoming conversation and the creative adventure that awaits us!

Below are some estimates for individual pieces. My services include design consultation, swatch board samples, thorough cleaning, dismantle/reassemble, storage, painting, sealing and pickup/delivery in the Frederick, MD area. There is a $150.00 minimum charge, so feel free to add smaller items to your order.

  • Dresser $350-$750
  • Side table $150-$350
  • Mirror $80-$300
  • Desk $300-$450
  • Bed headboard/footboard/frame $300-$700
  • Buffet $350-$850
  • Chair $150 – $250
  • Dining Table $400-$850
  • China Hutch $400-$850
  • Wardrobe $400-$650
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Porch Nook | Custom Furniture Painting, peacock tilted tea table
Is painted furniture for you? Here are some details to keep in mind: 
  • Once paint and sealant application are completed it takes 30 days for a piece to fully cure (reach maximum durability). It STRONGLY recommended the piece not touched or used until after it has fully cured.
  • Dependent on the size and design complexity, it can take 1-4 weeks to complete one piece of furniture.
  • Each piece is painted by hand using a brush, therefore brush strokes and/or natural imperfections may occur due to the hand painting process and/or age/condition of the furniture. If you would prefer a perfect, smooth appearance one may achieve through automated airbrushing, hand painted furniture may not be a good fit for you.

Porch Nook | Before & after, cabinet

    Porch Nook | Custom Furniture Painting, dry sink