Discovery Session

You may have heard me use this term before on Facebook Live or YouTube, it’s one of my favorite exercises when trying to break through my own home decorating paralysis. It’s called a “Discovery Session”, an affordable way to help you break through creative block and gain deeper insight on what truly makes you happy. Together we’ll walk through your home, identify your goals, challenges and styles that support you best.

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A Discovery Session is perfect for you if:

  • You’d love a good brainstorming session with a caring pro.
  • You want deeper insights and want someone to help organize your thoughts
  • You’re ready to infuse your space with more “you”, and need some inspiration.
  • You’re excited by these ideas, want to incorporate them into your life and need help knowing where to begin.

My Discovery Sessions are about understanding what’s best for you and not driven by trends. During our one 60-minute meeting at your home we’ll journey together through your inner world and your interior home space. It will be gentle, nurturing and inspiring. After our session I will create Home Vision Boards summarizing main highlights from our meeting along with some recommendations.

Total Cost - $250 (plus travel fee)

Should you want Design Inspiration Boards with a detailed shopping list, those are an additional $75 per room/$10 per revision.