"Custom Color", 31 fl. oz. - Chalky Finish Paint by Porch Nook(TM)
EXAMPLE: "Custom Color", 31 fl. oz. - Chalky Finish Paint by Porch Nook(TM)

"Custom Color", 32 fl. oz. - Chalky Finish Paint by Porch Nook

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Need to match existing décor? Dread having to sift through thousands of paint chips to find that perfect match? Porch Nook® offers the perfect time saving color match solution you’ve been waiting for. Simply provide a swatch of the color you want matched and your very own Custom Color Furniture Paint will be made for you.

How does it work?

  • Once purchase is made, Porch Nook® will contact the customer via email to coordinate next steps.
  • Customers will ship Porch Nook™ the physical swatch(es) to be matched.
  • Within 3-5 business days of swatch receipt, Porch Nook® will return the client’s original swatch accompanied with an Approval Form containing a sample of the matched paint color.
  • After the client returns a signed Approval Form to Porch Nook®, manufacturing of the custom color will commence and will be shipped to the customer within 3-5 business days.
  • Minimum order for each color is 32 fl. oz. Shipping swatch to Porch Nook® for color matching will be at the expense of the customer. Swatch will be returned with custom order.

    Select "Chalky Finish" or "Smooth Finish" based on your creative goals:

    • Smooth Finish - Ideal for a sleek, 100% coverage look with no distressing resulting in a more polished appearance.
    • Chalky Finish - Ideal for creating a distressed look. Its gritty texture makes it easier to sand and mimic the look of natural aging.

    "By donating $1.00 for every 16 or 32 fl. oz. jar of Porch Nook Furniture Paint sold towards #lungcancer research, that's how I re-purpose with purpose." 
    -Kristin LeDuc, Owner     LEARN MORE >

    Vibrant, durable and easy to use; you will have the ability to transform your own home furnishings without priming or sanding on most surfaces. Its flat finish is formulated for superior adhesion and coverage to thoroughly cover up old varnishes, scratches, stains and blemishes, and restore most surfaces to a rich matte antique look. Recommended for furniture, cabinets, walls, glass, metal and more! 
    • Easy to apply and distress
    • Low odor and can be used indoors during any season
    • Non-toxic formula
    • Easy clean up with warm water and soap

    At Porch Nook we understand the importance of re-purposing what was once loved…that’s all we do! Once you’re done with your one-of-a-kind creation, we encourage you to find a new and creative purpose for this handy glass jar.

    32 fl. oz. coverage: Up to 64 sq. ft.


    • Clean, prep and dry the surface to be painted.
    • Shake paint to mix for at least 2 minutes before use.
    • Apply paint using a soft bristle handheld paint brush.   
    • Avoid dripping to assure a smooth surface.
    • Multiple coats may be needed to obtain desired color saturation.
    • Dry paint is very prone to scratching, use a light hand when applying multiple coats of paint, sealant and/or handling the item.
    • Allow to dry 24-hours before distressing, sanding, or applying the next coat of paint or sealant.
    • For "Chalky Finish": Corse texture of dry surface is normal. If a smoother texture is desired apply a fine grade sandpaper (220 recommended) along surface using a light touch. Wear a ventilation mask to avoid breathing in dust particles.   
    • Apply preferred sealant to dry hardened surface, allow to cure 2-3 days before moving or using piece.
    • Minimum operating temperature: 50 deg. F.

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    Proudly made in the U.S.A.