Porch Nook | How to Use Oven Cleaner to Strip Furniture

How to Use Oven Cleaner to Strip Furniture

I have a theory as to why this hack is gaining momentum. Researching the furniture refinishing process for a first time DIYer becomes alarmingly da...
Porch Nook | How To Make a Magpie Nest

How To Make a Magpie Nest

Creating your own bird’s nest can be as simple, or as elaborate as you want. For me it is an exercise of celebrating perfection within the imperfection, beauty amongst the chaos. I personally like to approach it with a loose treatment to achieve a more natural look, rather than tight which can appear manufactured. Momma birds construct their nests using snippets and bits containing multiple colors and textures, so when building a nest, I gravitate towards using at least three different materials (ex: sticks, twine, moss, rattan, ribbon, etc.)

Porch Nook | Panetière – French Bread Safe, 19th Century

Panetière – French Bread Safe

With each passing year it becomes harder to find these celebrated symbols of the Country French tradition of bread making. The Panetière was a worthy alter used to lock away perishable treasures from the household’s children and pets, placed on a table or hung from a wall. An heirloom piece handed down for generations to celebrate and appreciate the bounty of their land.
The more I learn about the caning process, the more I appreciate the artform. It isn’t just a material; cane is a timeless pattern instantly recognized and a perfect example of what can be achieved with a delicate hand, patience and experience.

Cane Furniture

Porch Nook's "Object Lessons" is a series of short articles sharing my vintage and antique finds over the years, containing just enough information...
Lavender Lemon Tea Bread Recipe

Lavender Lemon Tea Bread Recipe

Lemon cake infused with Porch Nook's Organic Culinary Lavender! I love snacking on this sweet delight while sipping on a steaming cup of coffee...the breakfast of champions! This super easy recipe will impress your all your friends and a great addition to baby showers, garden parties, you name it!  Using Porch Nook's Organic Culinary Lavender, you can whip up a batch in a snap!
Porch Nook's Object Lesson | Wooden Spools

Object Lesson | Wooden Spools

Porch Nook's "Object Lessons" is a series of short articles sharing my vintage and antique finds over the years, containing just enough information...


I love this paint!!! ordering is super quick and easy. Shipping is super quick. Also have ordered custom paint and loved it so much!! I would recommend porch nook, great customer service!!

Amanda G. (McFarland, WI)

Well, I recently received a jar of Chalky Finish Paint to try from the Porch Nook Paint Co. and it was in this incredible shade of slate blue called Polished Stone. When I saw it, I knew right away that this dresser would be perfect to use it on. I wanted it to have a romantic look when I was done, and I knew I could get there with this beautiful color. 

Now admittedly I have gotten away from Chalk Style paints in favor of the mineral, and all in one paints not for any other reason than I am a lazy painter. Don’t get me wrong, I love to paint, and you will find me painting for no other reason than I see something that could use some paint, and I love to try new paint or new to me paint! So, when I was given the opportunity to try this paint from the Porch Nook I jumped on it!

Right away I noticed how easy it was not only to shake, but also stir in the jar. Now that may sound funny but to those of you who have use ASCP you know that doing either one can be difficult especially if the can has been sitting on a store shelf for a while. Next the rich, smooth coverage I was able to achieve was absolutely amazing. It seemed almost like it was self-leveling which you don’t find in Chalky style paints. It dried to a nice workable finish within just a couple of hours. I was able to sand it down and do the work to the drawer fronts so easily. 

If you are wanting a great Chalky Finish Style Paint to try that has some wonderful colors I would recommend The Porch Nook Paints

Wendy B. (Cedar Park, TX), Owner - Reclaim, Restore, Re-imagined

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to work with Kristin and try out her chalk paint on a dresser for our business. We have worked with many other brands of chalk paint in our years of refinishing furniture, and I have to say that this is one of our current favorites! A little paint goes a long way, as we were able to paint a 5 drawer upright antique dresser and have paint left over! One thing I should mention, is how impressed we were on how quickly each coat dries. It is also very durable. I did a heavy distressing technique on our piece, and it turned out beautiful!

Janelle S. (Milwaukee , WI), Owner - Sawdust Furniture

I used Porch Nook's Ol' Faithful White chalk paint on a built from scratch bench and it looks beautiful. The paint went on nice and easy helping make this project a success! I will definitely be looking at more color options going forward!

Ben O. (Waunakee, WI)

I just purchased the green vintage writing desk. It fits perfectly in my spare room. Kristin was friendly, easy to work with, and definitely takes pride in her work. I would definitely purchase more items from Porch Nook.

Rebecca P. (Verona, WI)