Decorating with Rose Hips

Porch Nook | 3 Creative Ways to Decorate with Rose Hips


As autumn paints the world in warm hues and leaves rustle underfoot, the beauty of roses doesn't fade with the petals. Instead, it transforms into a different kind of splendor—the vibrant allure of rose hips. These round, fleshy jewels, often overlooked after the bloom, are a treasure trove of possibilities for fall decorating.

In our modern gardens, the tendency to deadhead spent blossoms often means we miss out on the potential of these little wonders. Pruning, though necessary, robs us of the chance to witness the autumnal magic that rose hips bring. So, let's reconsider our gardening habits and explore three creative ways to weave the charm of rose hips into our fall décor.

Here are three creative ways I like to use rose hips for fall decorating.

#1 Wall Decor: A Symphony of Colors

Imagine a willow wreath adorned with the rich hues of rose hips, a masterpiece that captures the essence of the season. For this project, gather an assortment of rose hips from different varieties, from heirloom to modern to beach roses. The diversity in size and color will add depth to your creation. Visit a craft store to find a pre-made willow wreath and skillfully tuck in the rose hip stems. To maintain their plumpness, a light mist of hairspray works wonders, preserving the vividness that autumn brings.

Porch Nook | 3 Creative Ways to Decorate with Rose Hips

#2 Place-Setting Decor: A Coastal Touch

For a unique and coastal-inspired touch, turn to the Beach Roses, also known as Rosa rugose. Their larger hips, perfect for this project, are easily found along the coastlines, providing a great excuse to visit California. Simply cut longer stems and insert them into a knotted string or twine, creating an unconventional yet delightful napkin ring decoration. Effortless, yet striking—autumn elegance at its best.

Porch Nook | 3 Creative Ways to Decorate with Rose Hips

#3 Create a Bouquet: Nature's Celebration

When you have an abundance of rose hips, why not let them steal the spotlight in a dramatic bouquet? Gather a bunch and arrange them in a vase, mixing in other seasonal elements like fresh or dried leaves, seed pods, and branches. The result is a captivating "fresh from the garden" vibe that brings the beauty of fall indoors.

Porch Nook | 3 Creative Ways to Decorate with Rose Hips

Great tips:

  • Autumn is an ideal time of year to harvest rose hips.
  • Harvest hips when they become a nice bright red or orange color, depending on species.
  • Three ripe rose hips have more vitamin C than one orange.
  • If using rose hips for food, be very careful to use rose hips from roses that have not been treated with any form of pesticides that are not specifically labeled as okay for food producing crops.

If you are interested in harvesting rose hips, I highly recommend visiting the following website, There you will find excellent information on how to prepare rose hips for edibles and good recipes.

I cannot wait until fall!  Enjoy, everyone!

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