Dry vs. Cure

What's the difference between "dry" and "cure"?

It's REALLY hard to restrain yourself from using, or selling, a freshly painted piece of furniture 😬 (yep...this is what I look like when I'm in conflict with my lack of patience). Cure time is KEY to assure your paint reaches maximum durability.

How long do you generally wait before handling a piece?

  • Paint “DRY” happens when the solvents evaporate from your paint coating leaving the paint feeling dry to the touch even though it is not 100% dry.
  • Paint “CURE” happens when your paint coating has reached its maximum hardness and is completely 100% dry.

There are several factors to consider, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Water Based/Latex Paint ~ Dry Time 1-2 hours – Cure Time 21-30 days
  • Oil Based Paint ~ Dry Time 6-8 hours – Cure Time 3-7 days
  • Chalk Brand Paints ~ Dry Time 30-60 minutes – Cure time 30 days
  • Milk Paint ~ Dry Time 30 minutes – Cure time 30 days

Porch Nook's chalky finish paint Dry Time is 30-60 minutes - Cure Time is 28 days.

"The Real Teal" Porch Nook chalky finish paint

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