Object Lesson | Hickok Kid White Leather Gloves

Porch Nook's "Object Lessons" is a series of short articles sharing my vintage and antique finds over the years, containing just enough information to make you dangerous at the local flea market. Happy hunting!

Porch Nook's Object Lesson | Hickok Kid White Leather Gloves

Value as of 2/22/2020, $17-$50*. With clarity and warmth, the original owner shared her story of receiving these Italian leather gloves from her Great Aunt when she was 11 years old. It was Christmas, and to this day she remembered the very moment of opening this glove box, beaming with excitement when she put them on, and the smile on her Great Aunt’s face.

Porch Nook's Object Lesson | Hickok Kid White Leather Gloves

Made in Italy, these soft vintage** kids gloves were designed by Hickok who was known for using only the finest leather hides from all over the world. The delicate and colorful embroidered flowers adorning these white leather gloves is a testament to the superb craftsmanship this brand was known for since the early 1900s.

Porch Nook's Object Lesson | Hickok Kid White Leather Gloves

This pair was manufactured during the 1960s, size 7, 8-1/2”L x 3-1/4”W.

Porch Nook's Object Lesson | Hickok Kid White Leather Gloves


*For the sake of transparency, Porch Nook in not an antiquities dealer, nor do we specialize in antiques. However, for many years we've gained experience acquiring and selling old stuff, and hung around a lot of people who also like to acquire and sell old stuff. We gotta tell'ya, they're our kind of people...smart, creative, not shy and will tell you what's what. 

**The common expectation of a "VINTAGE" item is to have a date or decade applied to it. Accordingly, most experts in the trade have decided that the term "VINTAGE" refers to items that are over 50 years old, but less than 100. This kind of standard works when dealing with truly old, but not antique, items. However, this falls short when using the term to describe something newer, and from a specific era. For example, Etys.com's policy states any item at least 20 years old to be “VINTAGE”. Click here to learn more about the differences between "ANTIQUE" and "VINTAGE".

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