PRESS RELEASE - 11/15/22


November 15, 2022
Contact: Contact: Kristin LeDuc, Owner – 608-572-7220,

The Art of Creativity: Discovering Porch Nook and the Vision of Kristin LeDuc

Frederick, MD - Kristin LeDuc, a furniture painter and creative enthusiast, has recently launched Porch Nook, a home-based business that specializes in providing high-quality antiques, furniture, rugs, decor, gifts, and personalized services to customers. Porch Nook is a unique and inspiring home-based business that reflects Kristin's passion for design and the importance of giving oneself permission to be creative.

From stunning antiques in their original finishes, to unique painted treasures, Kristin combines the old with the new, melding design rules, while creating a unique look. In addition to providing customers with a variety of beautifully crafted and one-of-a-kind items, Porch Nook also offers a private label furniture paint and paintbrush line, perfect for those looking to add a personal touch to their homes.

"I have always been passionate about design and creativity," says Kristin. "Porch Nook is a space where I can share my love for all things beautiful and inspire others to be creative and surround themselves with things that bring them joy."

Kristin initially founded Porch Nook in 2015 in Verona, WI, but moved her business in 2020 to Frederick, MD, where she has enjoyed connecting with her community, meeting local artists and providing clients with a wide variety of unique items.

With her passion for design and her commitment to quality, Kristin LeDuc is a true inspiration to her followers and customers. Porch Nook is a space where creativity and joy come together, providing customers with the tools and inspiration they need to create a beautiful and unique home.

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