January 22, 2024

Contact: Kristin LeDuc, Owner – 608-572-7220,

Porch Nook LLC Launches Porch Nook Magazine: A Celebration of Joy and Creativity

Frederick, Maryland – [Date] – Porch Nook LLC, a leading name in creative home solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest endeavor, Porch Nook Magazine. The magazine is a testament to the vision of Kristin LeDuc, the owner of Porch Nook LLC, who has aspired to create a publication that embraces the magic of ordinary moments and provides innovative and affordable home decorating ideas.

Kristin LeDuc, a self-described "gal with a love of vintage and unique treasures," is well-known in the local community and across the country through her engaging social media live broadcasts and furniture painting techniques. LeDuc has long been an inspiration to followers, encouraging them to pursue what brings them joy and to blend the old with the new, defying conventional design rules and creating an authentic and unique aesthetic.

Expressing her joy at the launch of Porch Nook Magazine, Kristin LeDuc stated, "I've dreamt of creating a space where individuals can immerse themselves in the joy of everyday moments and feel more confident to express themselves by using their home as a canvas. The launch of Porch Nook Magazine is a realization of that dream, and I can't believe it has come to fruition. It's a celebration of creativity, mindfulness, and the beauty found in embracing the things we love."

Porch Nook Magazine is not just a publication; it's an invitation for readers to explore innovative and creative home solutions, transforming their living spaces into sanctuaries of joy. The magazine covers a wide array of topics, from showcasing stunning antiques in their original finishes to featuring one-of-a-kind painted treasures. The philosophy behind the magazine is grounded in the belief that creating joy never goes out of style.

To celebrate the launch of Porch Nook Magazine, the first issue will be free and can be downloaded digitally as a PDF or viewed as a flip-book. For more information and to download your free copy of Porch Nook Magazine, please visit

About Porch Nook LLC: Porch Nook LLC is a leading custom furniture painting and furniture painting supplier, and offers unique high-quality antiques, furniture, rugs, decor, gifts, and personalized services. With its private labeled furniture paint brush line and furniture paint, Porch Nook LLC is dedicated to helping DIYers and furniture painters achieve their creative vision with ease and confidence.

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